Amazing E-Motion: We print your emotions


We start this blog by talking about our company, Amazing E-Motion.

At Amazing E-Motion we make innovative products related to lenticular technology in different market sectors, and specifically, in the world of sports. Our source of inspiration is one of our founding partners, the famous and loved by all, Donato Gama Da Silva.

Donato Gama Da SilvaAs a footballer, Donato was part of 4 professional teams throughout his sports career: América Futbol Club (RJ), C.R Vasco da Gama, Atlético de Madrid and Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña. In addition, he was a player for the Spanish National Team. During his professional career, he won a total of 11 trophies, 3 Cariocas Championships, 4 Copas del Rey, 3 Spanish Super Cups and 1 Spanish League.

In addition to Donato, who contributes his vision related to the world of sports and is a key piece in the current and future projects of the company, our team is also made up of professionals specialized in advanced lenticular technology.


This technology consists of an innovative printing system, which, among other things, allows your sports idols to come to life in your favorite objects.

Among our range of products, you will be able to enjoy “E-Motion Cards” (10×15 Cards), notebooks, keychains, posters, bookmarks, as well as others that will soon be announced.


What do we achieve with our advanced and innovative method?

  • We convert an impression into a “living photograph” with a movement effect that allows you to reproduce up to 1 second of a video.
  • We provide a greater sense of reality with our 3D products
  • Our image change effect which will allow you to see two images alternately with a slight change in viewing angle.

In short, can you imagine having your emotions, your favorite athlete or team in a “live photograph” in your personal items? With Amazing E-Motion it is now a reality, our products will make it possible. Visit our store and subscribe to our blog to be informed of the latest news.

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